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Bruce Tian




 Name: Bruce Tian      Nationality: Tujia       Gender: Male         English level: Fluent    Age: 27


 Services Provided:  Private tour guide,Interpreter ,Shopping assistant              Licenced: Yes



 About  Bruce Tian

Hi, my dear friends, this is Bruce tian. The founder of Zjj4u (Zhangjiajie for you). I believe some member of  tripadvisor know there is a native guy of famous Zhangjiajie. A private tour guide worked for over 3 years and very familiar with Zhangjiajie and Xiangxi. During the last three years I kept focus on private tour, helped a lot of travel friend from all over the world, and by the way, I’ve also experienced a lot, gained a lot from tourists! Most importantly, i know what you travelers want!  But after famous film Avater, more and more English-speaking tourists came to here enjoying this amazing “Pandora” wonderland, so i invited my best friends and experienced private tour guides to help you out of Zhangjiajie tour toubles. It is a great pleasure to welcome friend from afar!

We are here for you, Zhangjiajie for you, for your unique Zhangjiajie private tour!






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